CoSector - University of London provides Digital Services, Recruitment Services, Housing Services and Fairs & Events. 


Our purpose at CoSector is to enhance and enrich the student experience, through our own products and services and supporting our customers and partners in the education sector, and beyond. Our impact can be seen in a variety of ways from providing digital learning expertise, wireless network connectivity in student housing or getting graduates into jobs. 

who we are

what we do

who we are


CoSector is a department of the University of London, carrying out Digital Services, Recruitment Services, Housing Services and Fairs and Events. CoSector was formed in 2015 by bringing together three previously separate divisions within the central university to share resources, expertise and joined-up thinking to provide relevant solutions for our customers in the education sector and beyond.

Our work contributes to the University of London and its charitable objectives. University of London is one of the largest, most diverse universities in the UK with over 120,000 students in London, and a further 50,000 studying across 180 countries for a University of London degree. The University of London is committed to making our high quality teaching, research and flexible programmes accessible to all students, whoever and wherever they are.

At CoSector, our aim is to enrich education and learning through sustainable and innovative services. This is why we are the trusted choice by over 300 UK institutions and one million HE and FE users. We improve student and staff experience through our expertise, and have expanded to work with non-educational clients, too. 

Our vision is to be thought leaders in the sectors we work in, sharing our knowledge and work so that individuals, education providers and businesses will grow.

We are based in the iconic University of London building Senate House as well as the University's Student Central building. 

what we do

For more information regarding specific sectors and their services, see the links below. 

Why work with us?

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Each department has a wealth of knowledge of their industry. Our Digital Services, for example, have been operating for 50 years and we have been delivering off-campus graduate recruitment fairs for over 30 years


Our solutions are competitive  without compromising on quality. Because we are in the education sector we understand the demands on our customers and often have an insight other providers may not even consider

We keep up to date with trends in each area - holding, attending and presenting at relevant events regularly, publish white papers, blogs and articles in relevant industry press to keep our customers informed


We run several large-scale events each year, including the annual London Graduate Fair, the Postgraduate Study Fair and the Spring Graduate Fair.

We also run customer events and attend conferences to keep up to date with industry news and to share our exciting projects. Take a look at where we've been recently and what's coming up. 

upcoming events we are involved with